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The team behind Checkmate Agency have a wealth of experience in preparing and implementing strategies; developing and managing brands, business consultancy, and providing coaching and consultancy for a host of different types of busnesses.

We can direct and manage projects from the planning stages through to  implementation or just provide the consultancy and strategies for your organisation to follow in order to achieve its goals.

Below are a few things our clients had to say about Checkmate Agency.


Website: UTCAI.com


  • brand and marketing strategy, business strategy,
  • Business coaching
  • website Creation, design, development and maintenance

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-Gill Springer-
UTCAI Limited

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Website:  diverga.global


  • Creation of the brand, values, brand Image, brand/marketing strategy
  • Creation, design, development and maintenance of the website
  • social media 
  • sales funnels

"We are in our first 2 years of business, and without a doubt, CheckMate have been instremental in our business growth and strategy in getting to the level were at now.

We originally brought them on board to create our brand identity and strategy, however hearingtheir additional recomendations, they soon helped us to streamline our business model to work better with the strategies they created, they helped us to see aditional revenue streams we could benefit from which is not the norm in our industry but has proven to be highly beneficial."

-Colin Thompson-
Global Valiant